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“Baybee” was a good dog. She was a very good dog, but she was also a thrown away dog when it was learned she was sick. What could have been a tragic story turned out to be a touching story about perseverance and overcoming.

This is a true story about a special needs dog named “Baybee”. It is true yet told in a way that children can relate to as they deal with their own special needs, or try to understand the special needs of others.


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It is written in a simple format with the intention of parents, teachers, therapists, or others to facilitate children in expressing themselves.

For children with sickness, medical issues, disrupted families, dealing with foster care or adoption, this book can enhance conversation, understanding, acceptance, growth, and perseverance. Each child is unique so each conversation will be unique.

You will be amazed how remarkably easy children relate to Baybee’s story. They start to tell their own stories while learning that with the help of others there can be hope in the future.

This is a true story about a dog abandoned at a “Dog Pound” after her owner no longer wanted her because she had seizures. However, thanks to some kind-hearted strangers from the Oklahoma Beagle Rescue, she was spared the fate of most animals that have little hope of adoption.

This book came about as children asked about her life. The dog’s story paralleled their own. Since the children related compassionately to the dog, they felt comfortable telling their own story. This is one way children heal.

Topics covered in Baybee’s story are: Abandonment, sadness, feeling unwanted, shelters, group homes, foster care, waiting, adoption, illness, doctors, epilepsy, and medication. It also brings up other important subjects such as perseverance, doing the right thing, going to school, taking medication appropriately, and never giving up hope.

The most important thing you can do is listen. Ask open-ended questions which require more than just a yes or no answer. For example: What was it like when that happened? What were some of your feelings? What is it like moving from home to home? What is it like to have your medicine changed?

Then listen.

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Received for above and beyond quality client care. Recognized for facilitating “Positive Results” with a family struggling with a difficult situation. Youth Bridge, (2012). 

Human Touch Award, Ozark Guidance Center (June 2005). “I would like to nominate Susan Walker for the Human Touch Award and this is why….. My nephew attends OGC.  He is in the TDT program.  His mother (my sister) passed away 5 years ago.  This has been a struggle for the whole family especially for my nephew (who is now being raised by my mother).  The 5th year anniversary of my sister’s death is in May.  When I arrived at the cemetery that day, to take flowers in remembrance of her, my nephew was there with my mom and his therapist, Susan Walker.  She was so helpful in talking with my nephew.  It was so wonderful of her to take time out of her evening to join us.  But the great thing about it was…..instead of us thanking her for being there…..she thanked my nephew for letting her be a part of something special.  She told him it was an honor to be able to be there with us.  This greatly touched my mom and me. Thank you Susan Walker for touching the hearts of my family so greatly.” 

 Client Comments

summer 2014

Susan -  I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done fir me over the past few months.  I know that you truly believe in helping people and your

dedication proves that.  I can't say thank you enough for your support and am so thankful you and I crossed paths.  L.H.

​Susan,  I just wanted to thank you for your candor today.I shared my little test with my husband.What an eye-opening experience that was.K.L. and I both believe you are dead on/spot on/absolutely accurate.He has no hesitation that your diagnosis is the correct one.Just, thank you.  B.L.

​​Susan, this is “C”,  “P’s” husband. 
I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do for “M”.  After your meeting with you the other day, she was totally different.  She was calm.  Her, her family problems are still a bad situation but you help her so much to deal with that.  It's been a rough year and without you, we wouldn't be where we are now, you also helped me a lot.                                                         -October, 2013 -

​I'm a grandmother who become a guardian of a 9 year old, in my late sixties.  He has experienced many of the traumas you have highlighted.  It has helped me to see more clearly the difference between "following the schedule" or "ENGAGING" with him.  I plan to read more about the techniques.                           

   -after a presentation at a school, 2010-

In the future I will use the techniques to better my child's emotional state, as well as, physical well-being.   -Comments from a single mom after presentation, 2010-

100 % of foster parents agreed or strongly agreed that the presentations met the learning objectives, were presented in an organized manner which promoted learning, and would be recommended to others. "You're Great ! "     "Please come back"  
​             - Comments from foster parents, 2007-

Love-based Answers- Arkansas Attachment Counseling and Susan Walker offer answers to common and uncommon problems experienced in all relationships. Susan is an experienced, well-educated therapist who has the ability to discover underlying issues and offer love-based solutions. I have seen her calm out-of-control children and zero in on individual needs. I know she cares. Arkansas Atachment can address your family's problems.                 - K.T.,  2008 -

  -About cross cultural adjustment- I have known Sue Walker for over 26 years. When I met her for the first time, I felt  lost and frustrated in a new environment. Sue introduced new ways of solving problems with her very friendly and patient approach. She took the time to learn the culture that I came from and helped me work within that window. She showed me that there are many doors in the world that we can take to improve our lives. She helped me find the right path towards a more comfortable and stable life.  - Parvin,  2008 -​
​ - About marriage counseling - Susan, Thanks for your help, everything you said is true. The cycles of our relationship are just like the graph you showed.    Thanks again.  - Bob,  2003 -